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New and advanced formula for pet stain & odor removal from carpet and upholstery cleaning experts. Dr. Carpet is a leading 5 star carpet cleaning service in California. Over the years we have realized the importance of finding the best formula for pet stain removal. As all pet owners know, removing pet stains and eliminating bad odor is a tough task. In most cases only a professional carpet cleaning service could offer a proper solution for your pet stains. However, NOW everyone can enjoy the top rated pet stain remover formula that top professionals use around the country to help customers just like you. 

Our product is recommended to professional carpet cleaning use in order to kill odor causing molecules in the infected areas on your carpet and upholstery. In addition, our supercharged pet stain remover comes in full strength and X3 times the active agents compared to other brands in the field.

If you are a professional carpet cleaner or a pet owner, this pet stain and odor remover carpet cleaning formula will provide you a high powered solution with a fresh scent to take over the room ambiance. 

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