Pet Stain & Odor Remover in Huntington Beach, California.

Tough Pet Stain & Odor Remover in Huntington Beach, California.

As you can see in the photo in this article, the original state of the carpet we cleaned in Huntington Beach was extreme. Multiple pet stain around the carpet, some are old and some are new. In addition, some of the stains were attempted to be cleaned by the customer before. Also, if you can see the doorway is half ripped by the cats. Yes, all of this was caused by cats. Moreover, the entire apartment looked just as the master bedroom in this photo looked. 

pet stain and odor remover in huntington beach california

As always, we are up for these tough pet stain and odor remover in Huntington Beach challenge. However, in real life we can not always be 100% winning all the time. In this pet stain remover carpet cleaning service in Huntington Beach some of the stains were still there. Of course we are looking at many stains compilation of many years. Therefore, we decided this specific pet stain removal carpet cleaning service would be a great example of an extreme case for Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula in action.

In This Case You Have To Call A Professional Carpet Cleaning Service.

As you can see in the photo, a pet stain situation like this can not be resolved anymore by the customer. This would require a professional carpet cleaning service to handle the job. 

If you have neglected the pet stain for a long time. Or, if you have treated the pet stains for a while with the wrong over the counter pet stain and odor remover, then its time to call the pros. We would strongly recommend for you to find a local carpet cleaning service in your area that has a powerful truck mounted steam cleaning system to handle such tough case. 

Nevertheless, if you have a daily battle with your pet and pet stain keep reoccurring, then you should be more prepared to deal with it. You can use Dr. Carpet Pet Stain Removal Formula from the beginning and adequately fight most of the pet stain that will happen over time. In addition, and most important, when you will call a professional carpet cleaning service, they will have a much higher chance at completely removing the pet stains and the odor off your carpet.